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Popular Music Plays

“Holding Out For A Hero”


The group Popular Music — a new duo of Zac Pennington (née Parenthetical Girls) & Prudence Rees-Lee (aka Prudence) — are pleased to present their latest single, available May 15.

Written by Wagnerian pop mastermind Jim Steinman (Meatloaf, “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” etc) and originally recorded by Welsh banshee Bonnie Tyler for the Footloose soundtrack (underscoring that weird scene in which Kevin Bacon plays chicken on a piece of industrial farm equipment for some reason), Popular Music interprets “Holding Out For a Hero” as a paranoid, pandemic-era anthem.

The song is the second single from the forthcoming full length Popular Music Plays In Darkness — a twelve-track reimagining of songs from 20th Century cinema that was conceived when the pair met in Los Angeles, and recorded in a turn-of-the-century barn in a secluded corner of Upstate New York.